Spas enjoy a reputation for promoting relaxation and health. A spa can be a wonderful addition to a beautiful pool or it can be built separately and used year round. Spas can be built in varied shapes.

In pool and spa installations, they frequently share a common wall, but other designs set the spa apart from the pool. Spas are often built at the same level as the pool, but sometimes they are raised several feet above the pool or deck level. When they are raised, they often spillover into the pool. Another unique arrangement is the spa within the pool.

A spa can have its own equipment or the spa and pool can share equipment. The spa action is generated by a separate jet pump and an air blower. These devices increase water flow and supply air bubbles back to the spa through hydrotherapy jets. A spa-side control allows the spa user to conveniently turn the spa action and spa heating, on or off. Mmmm, sit back and relax as you soak in a soothing, hydro-massage.